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2013 beginnings

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Explorations from 2013

IMG_1111 IMG_1112 gingko b 'spring grove' IMG_1107 IMG_1086

there’s something captivating happening here

Astilboides tabularis in the garden, whoop whoop!

Amazing spring makes for amazing moments in the garden

our native orchid

new favorite primula

second new favorite Primula

sweet little dianthus blossom

My Bleeding Heart

Hellabore Galore

Heuchera Showing Her Stuff

Maple Maddness Begins...Kamagata

Flowering Current

Baby, Baby, Baby leaf of Gunnera soon to be a giant!

What are you? And where did you come from?

Mama and her babies... like a queen with her crown.

With a couple of really warm days and nights, it seems like we may have made it out of winter.  Here are a couple of shots taken by Emile Elliott of our budding garden.

Golden Barberry

Japanese Maple, 'Goshiki Kotohimi'

Sedum groundcover

Euphorbia myrsinites

Winter Views

Winter Bloomers

It’s always nice to encounter a tiny surprise during the winter months.  A winter blooming shrub like the ‘Dawn’ Viburnum can stop even a seasoned gardener in her/his tracks during the dismal winter months of the new year.  And it gives the ice a pleasing blossom to rest on.

This is my first post as I am working on creating a new gardening blog and website for Red Stem. It will be fun to catalog what is happening in the garden and with the business. I hope to share lots of useful tips and inspiring ideas.
This week I have been pruning fruit trees. My hands are a bit worn from all the meticulous pruning of each fruiting branch back to a couple of buds. Adding horticultural oil and dormant spray seems like a good beginning too. It’s worth it to improve the overall health of the trees and their aspiring fruit. Best of luck to you in the garden.